Thursday, March 26, 2015

Close to home between rain showers with good climbing.

Luckily the clients I had lined up for today changed our tour to tomorrow, so we were not out in a tour in the rain.  So, another rainy day here, but it started to look good around 11:30, so I thought I would get out.  By the time I was ready to go, the rain had returned, so I read for an hour plus, then took off, and luckily did not really get rained on while out.  It came down enough for me to put my rain shell and rain hat on, but it was no problem.  I kept the ride close to home in case the rain returned in force, but it did not, although at times it certainly got dark and looked like it was going to dump.  Did a pretty standard ride for me, up to San Domenico on option 2, then up and down through Maiano to the Vincigliata climb.  New saddle feels really nice, although it did mean a couple stops to adjust seat height.  After the adjustments I am liking it.  After Vincigliata, I added in Montefanna, and from this side it is quite steep for a while, with a maximum of over 20% for around 1/2 a kilometer.  It is short enough and I know it well enough that it is still fun, and a good workout for a short ride.  Out with clients tomorrow for the second time this month, then the season really starts in April.  Not overly booked yet for April, but May is looking very full.  Today's ride was 37.2 kilometers in 1:54 to average 19.5 kph with 824 meters climbed.

A view to the East from the descent after the difficult climb
maxing out over 20% to Montefanna.

Kind of a cool little road descending from Montefanna.

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