Sunday, March 22, 2015

Excellent, mellow recovery ride into Chianti

I was pretty beat after yesterday, but pretty nice weather and a continuing desire to get out had me doing a recovery ride today.  I really enjoyed it, taking the pace very mellow and doing a course that is pretty, but for here, minimizes the climbing.  Still 414 meters of climbing, but it is all mellow and the bigger climbs (2) are only around 150 meters each.  The weather surprised me by being warmer than I expected, and although I brought my light shell, I never took it out of my pocket.  The ride today is a course I use for clients who want to get out into the countryside, at least a little bit into Chianti, but want it as easy as possible.  Last year I did it with a group and a new bar / cafe was open in La Luna, which we tried and was good.  I took a short stop there today, as my coffee addiction only seems to grow with time, and had a cafe machiato there.  It was good, it has a nice spot to sit outside, so it is in my mind as a stop for clients.  I have a day with private clients for the shop next week, and who knows, maybe we will be here.

As I am writing this, I have tuned into the classic, "Milan / San Remo", and am glad I had good weather, as the riding looks pretty miserable for the pros on the coast going to San Remo.  I will leave it to the pros to ride in cold rain at speeds I can only imagine when the conditions are perfect.  The Lightspeed was much better today, as I changed the saddle which had a part of the padding somehow come apart and fall out yesterday.  The bars, which I used to love, are the only part now that really challenge my position.  They are simply a little too broad for me now.  Interesting how we change our minds and expectations over time.  With the saddle change, I am sure now that the "Selle Italia" brand is what works for me.  As my saddle on my regular bike is wearing, I think I will replace it, and change the saddle on it to one of my rental bikes, as the saddle that had the piece fall off is basically done.  Enough rambling, time to pay attention to Milano / San Remo.  Today's ride was 54.2 kilometers in 2:19 to average 23.4 kph with 414 meters of climbing.  Ciao!

Green fields and Marliano off to the left on the Grilliao ridge.

The descent from the Grilliao climb is ahead.

Flowering tree with the vineyards and fruit orchards on the hills
in the background climbing from Cerbia to Chiesanuova

Spring vineyards at the start of the final part of the climb to 

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