Saturday, March 7, 2015

Riding by Leonardo da Vinci's birthplace in lots of wind.

When I returned home today, I asked Emily if she could see a print on my bottom, as I certainly felt like the wind kicked my but on the way back today.  I really had a nice ride, but the wind, for the third day in a row, was strong, and around 100 kilometers solo in the wind took it's toll on me.  On the way out, it was a strong side wind, and at times a tail wind, so it was ok.  Much of the way out is sheltered from the North by buildings, which nullified the side wind.  Still, when it came through you had to really hold on to the bike, as the wind just moves you sideways on the bike.  So, no time to relax today.  On the climb up to San Baronto from the north side, I had a definite tail wind, which is always sweet, it makes you feel like a hero.  I had in mind finding a road we rode last summer in a granfondo, above Vinci and over to Vitolini.  It was pretty easy to find, as it goes by the house Leonardo da Vinci was born in, which is well marked.

It is a super beautiful road, and sheltered enough that the wind wasn't too bad.  My time with a tail wind was over now.  I really enjoyed the ride there, then hooked up with the road to Pinone just below Vitolini.  This is a nice climb, and I could tell what the wind was going to do to me on this stretch.  It winds in and out of many, many drainages, so around 1/3 of the climb was into a very strong headwind.  After Pinone, with a couple of exceptions, the wind just beat me up.  By the time I was back to the city, when the road was finally surrounded by buildings, I was pretty beat up.  Still, a very nice ride, and with the exception of the last 1/2 hour or so, I kept a good attitude about the wind. It really keeps the skies clear, the views are awesome, and you can even rationalize it as adding to your workout and challenge.  For me, it wears on me mentally, regardless of the direction.  Tomorrow is our first raduno of the year, and I am really hoping the winds will be much less strong.  That is the forecast, but they were forecast to be less strong today, and if anything they were stronger.  I would guess a steady 20 mph with gusts to 40.  98.2 kilometers in 4:25 rolling time to average 22.2 kph with 1288 meters climbed.

Big views and clear skies, the good part about riding in the wind.

The house where Leonatdo (da Vinci) was born, which I passed by on my ride today.

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