Thursday, March 19, 2015

Another perfect day to ride in the Tuscan countryside.

What can I say, another perfect day to be riding in the Tuscan countryside.  I have a big ride scheduled for Saturday, so after I got my day organized and commitments taken care of, I had a few hours to ride.  I did a tour I had in mind, and it was simply super.  I am enjoying the warm up aspect of the ride out on the flats to Seano and it is good for me to start enjoying flats, as I usually try to grin and bear it there.  Hopefully, I am developing some skills and strength for the flats, which will definitely help me mature as a cyclist.  Anyway, I am really into the 22 kilometers to the turn off at Seano.

Still, for me, after the turn off in Seano, the real fun begins.  Simply a beautiful road on a beautiful day.  Flowers, views, nice reasonable gradient for climbing, a beautiful little town, and a few short but quite steep (18 to 25%) pitches riding through Seano to the road to Pinone.  After connecting with the road to Pinone, what is normally difficult seams very nice after the difficulties at the end of the Bacheretto road.  The cafe / bar was surprisingly closed in Pinone, so straight down to Montelupo through Castra, another great road and wonderful, curvy, fun descent.  On the flats to Ginestra, where I stopped for a cafe and great pastry, sitting in the sun and enjoying life.  Only around 100 meters after the cafe stop, I cut off on a great, tiny road through Carchieri to Inno, a pretty good climb.  After Inno, I connect to a road I often ride, then up to Santa Maria a Marciola, another perfect road and fun climb - tiny road, almost no traffic, beautiful views, excellent weather.

I seem to be gushing, but it is just that nice right now.  Back through Scandicci back home in Firenze.  73.7 kilometers in 3:15 to average 22.8 kph with 989 meters climbed.

Wow - it really is spring (tomorrow).  Flowers on the way to
Bacheretto from Seano.  

I absolutely love this little road to Bacheretto from Seano.  The
flowers in this one spot did not hurt the ambiance today either.

Views to the East from the ridge on the way to Vigliano.  Che Bello!

The road and scenery on the ridge just after Inno.

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