Thursday, March 5, 2015

Quick ride in the wind close to home to the north.

Rain yesterday, real wind today, this morning pretty serious, so a good time to play catch up.  Yesterday I wrote and priced 3 tour examples for a person who manages 4 villas in the area.  Today, I finally finished the route revisions for Dominick's self guided tours, which was at least twice as hard as I expected.  It is all good for me, though.  After finishing the revision work, I wanted to get out and the wind had died down to a reasonable 20 mph or so.  Earlier today, I read some online information that it was blowing a pretty steady 40 mph and gusting to 60, not a good time to be out on the bike.  I really enjoyed my short tour today, though, as being in the woods and on walled roads kept the wind at bay around 60% of the time.  A standard short ride for me, up through Le Cure then a back way to San Domenico, up and over through Maiano, then the Vincigliata climb.  Sweet climb, in the woods, and really quite pleasant today.  Down through Fiesole, as the Pian de Mugnone road was closed to clean up downed trees from the wind.  Great to be able to get out!  20.3 kilometers in 1:06 averaging 18.4 kph with 531 meters climbed.

Some of the wind carnage.  It was pretty well cleaned up even on 
this backroad above Vincigliata.  Big root ball and trunk on the left
just outside of the picture.  

One of the few calm moments on the ride, above on the
way from Vincigliata to Fiesole.

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