Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lots of tours and a special 4th of July

It has been a week, and a busy one at that.  Tours most every day, and when I did not have tours, I had commitments or rode with the team.  I have to admit, when I do not take pictures of the crew I am taking out, I am forgetting names, and often these days, I am simply using client's phones for the pictures.  I need to take my phone out and also get one, but often when I finish with theirs, they are already moving on.  So, a couple of Chianti tours for Florence by Bike, and 4 days of tours for Dominick with one day riding with the team, Saturday.  I needed the team ride, as most client rides are at a totally different pace, and it is nice riding fast, not leading, and not being responsible for everyone.  So, Saturday was a great team ride, and we were out before the heat hit.  In the last week it has also really gotten hot, I think as hot as it has been here in a couple of years.  I know the temperature today hit 104F while we were riding.  Ouch!  Actually with an air conditioned van, it is fine.  I do need to be very careful with the clients, as today a 17 year old, very healthy young man was fine one minute and in a couple of minutes, he was "finished".  Good to have the van in that situation.

The highlight of the week for me was the 4th of July.  I rode with the team in the morning, with only 4 of us showing up, but David back on the bike after a nagging injury kept him out for 5 months.  He only did a part of the tour, but it was nice having him back.  The other 2 were enthusiastic and strong new members of the team.  Both spoke excellent english, so we could communicate without any difficulty.  Fun ride.   After the team ride, Emily and I went to a friend's house in the country for a party for her son's birthday and the 4th of July.  A beautiful spot, and a very nice party.  It was kind of hot, but less warm than Florence.  At the party, Viola had a surprise for me.  She was wearing a beautiful dress that my mother, who passed away a couple of years ago, gave to me when she was cleaning stuff out.  The dress was last worn when my mother was 6 or 7, in the middle 1930's.  Viola was beautiful in it, and it pretty much choked me up.  Sometimes it is great getting old, as it is fine to get chocked up on something like this.  Anyway, a real highlight for me.

All my tours were good, although the heat really makes it a challenge.  Pretty much no one complains, which is nice, and almost everyone hangs in there.  I did have to get a cab for one person who had simply had enough and did not want to ride back to FBB.  This week should be less busy, so perhaps more posts about solo rides for fun.  Saturday, we go to the Dolomites to escape the heat and enjoy the epic riding there.  Ciao a tutti.

Gary and Jesse Robbins on a van supported return tour to Florence from 
Radda.  Gary, the father, made it the whole way without the van.  Here
they are at the Antinori wine facility where we had lunch.  What a beautiful spot.

Viola and Kate after just getting their nails done in red, white, and
blue for the 4th of July.

Viola wearing the dress of my Mother's from the 1930's at the 4th of July 
party.  Super special for me, and I know I am prejudiced, but isn't she as cute as it gets.

The Bastian family at Luiano today on a nice Chianti tour with 
Roby doing super van support.  

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