Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A fun ride in difficult conditions with new clients.

Today I had my first tour in a couple of months with clients, and the first I had booked through Vayable, which is a guide service that a client suggested I register with last fall.  When I went to bed last night, the weather forecast was on the favorable side, with only 40% chance of rain, mostly in the afternoon, and a high of 52 predicted.  Well, that did not happen.  It was raining lightly, but steadily when I awoke, and continued almost all day, only changing when it decided to really pour.  The temperature was nowhere near 52, and I think the average for the ride was around 46.  So, 46 degrees, raining, with two new clients from Georgia.

They were totally into going, regardless of the weather, and had a great attitude the entire ride.  It was great to take them riding.  We went out through the Cascine, then over my back roads to Signa, the Lastra a Signa.  We climbed up and over to Ginestra, and then had a break and a cafe just east of Ginestra.  We decided to do an extra climb up on the tiny road to Montagnana, then descended to Cerbia.  It was certainly raining harder now, and getting colder.  We were also getting wet, and the weather was more difficult on the descents due to speed and cold.  We climbed to Chiesa Nuova from Cerbia, then descended to Galluzzo.  By this time, everyone had basically had enough, and we discussed our options for returning.

I told them we had a number of possibilities, and they chose the route that would be a little longer, but with less traffic.  So, we went through Cascine del Ricco, then over to Cinque Vie.  I suggested another stop in Cinque Vie, as I know there is a bar there that is friendly to cyclists.  It was a truly needed stop, as everyone was quite cold, and a break with cafe and just warm and dry for 20 minutes was great.  We resumed our return, and made it back with no problems.  I was totally impressed with Benson and Candice's attitude and ability to keep going.  Good job!  The garmin link gives all the information if you want to see.  Ciao.

Ride through Vayable with Benson and Candice by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

On the way out of town, after the Cascine and small piece of busy road.

Benson and Candice at the top of the climb between Lastra and Ginestra.

Candice checking her camera on the ridge by Montagnana.

We're almost back.  The road between Cinque Vie and Piazza Ferruci.

A picture of a fallen bird that Candice wanted a photo of.

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