Sunday, March 31, 2013

Quick Easter ride after a huge Pranzo with new friends.

We had a nice Easter morning.  Emily went into town to be a part of the traditional Easter festivities which include an exploding cart, a parade with people in medieval costumes, and additional activities.  I stayed home and did some needed maintenance on the bike.  Riding in the rain, even with some wiping up after rides, leaves the bike pretty dirty and makes brake pads wear out very quickly.  I took a couple of hours to clean everything and lube and adjust the bike.  Then I went into town and met Emily and some new friends, some friends of one of Emily's cousins, and some friends of theirs.  We went to a restaurant that one of the people knew, and had a wonderful Easter Pranzo.  The full 5 plus courses, all really great.  I am good at pacing and eating everything put in front of me.  It was great.

Emily went to do an errand, and I came home and went for a quick ride.  The time change happened here last night, and it was around 5 by the time I started.  Needless to say, a short ride.  There are many options, so I can keep it fresh and fun.  I climbed up Via Bolognese to Pian de San Bartolo, then turned toward Cercina and took the first option for a descent which is before the small town of Cercina.  I enjoyed the descent, and there are a few stretches with new pavement that were rough road the last time I rode this descent.  Fun.  At the bottom, you take a back way into the area above Carreige, then descend past Carreige and take a left to climb toward Via Bolognese, but cut off right before to get home the best way.  Fun ride.  Buona Pasqua.  The summary is:  11 miles in 54:30 rolling time for an average speed of 12.2 mph with 1170 vertical feet of climbing at an average temperature of 60.  Nice.

After a huge Easter lunch, a quick hour ride. by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

A couple of shots on the ridge before the real descent from 1/2 way between
Pian de San Bartolo and Cercina.

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