Sunday, March 10, 2013

Raduno? Well, a few of us were there! by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

I started this morning with most of my real rain gear with me, as it had not started, but the skies were threatening.  We were to meet at Illiopesca, and within 15 minutes of our scheduled time, we had a pretty good group, 7 of us.  We went to where we were to meet to start the raduno, and only two other riders were there.  It had started raining pretty hard as we waited, and we assumed it was called off due to weather.  A few from our squadra decided to do short rides and go home, but 4 of us joined the other two and started off to do the planned long course.  The sun came out almost immediately, and I was now overdressed with my rain pants on.  We went through Scandicci over to Galluzzo, the out through Tavernuzze to Falciani.  After Falciani, we turned off on a nice road, steep at times to Impruneta.  I pulled off to take off my rain pants, as the weather looked great.  Everyone else continued, and I got back on asap so as not to be dropped.  One person, Paolo, was slower than me, particularly on the climbs, and I passed him soon.  With the pressure off, I took off my rain shell and stuffed it in my back pocket.

We waited in Impruneta fro Paolo, then climbed / traversed on a ridge to Strada in Chianti, then continued on the main road climbing to Chiocchio, then descending to Passo dei Peccorai.  We hooked up with Via Cassia for a couple of kilometers, then turned off to ride by Castello Gabbiano climbing to Quattro Strade.  We continued straight on the back road that heads over to another ridge, but has 4 or so steep ups and downs.  When you hit the ridge, you turn right, then almost immediately go left and descend to Fabbrica.  Here we joined a main road, #2, and climbed slightly up the valley, then climbed to San Casciano.  We got some water in San Casciano at a new spot for me - I have it in my memory banks now.  There was a discussion there, as the course was to go over to Chiesa Nuova from here, but took a different way through San Casciano and ended up descending to Cerbia.  Paolo was just ahead of me here, and the remainder of the group was gone.  He thought he saw someone going up toward Chiesa Nuova, but I recalled sort of understanding a conversation about going around to Montelupo.  We continued up Chiesa Nuova, and never saw the others again.  They must have indeed gone to Montelupo.  It was fine, the four of them were faster, and I was ready to turn it for home.

All in all, a great tour.  Sunny almost all the time, and being a Colorado boy, a week without sun is a long time, so the nice weather on the ride today was really welcome.  It is already back to rain, and predicted to be this way for another week or so.  The summary is:  55 miles in 3:54 rolling time for an average of 14.2 mph with 5375 vertical feet climbed at an average temp of 58.  Really sweet!  Check the link for maps and more information.

Raduno? Well, a few of us were there! by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

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