Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Giro de Mugello, plus Monteloro detour, group ride.

The weather finally cooperated today, and I was invited to ride with a different group this morning.  It turned out to be mostly people I knew, and we all had a fun ride.  We started at the shop, Le Due Ruote, and took off to the east out the main road toward Pontesieve.  We turned off at Le Falle and climbed through Monteloro to the Fiesole road.  We finished the climb on that road and turned off to the right for the road that returns to the Pontesieve road at Sieci.  Super fun climb, super fun descent.  After getting back on the main road we continued toward Pontesieve, and at Pontesieve, we lost two people who had to return to Firenze by 1:00.  Three of us continued and did the ride known as the tour de Mugello.  We rode out the main road through Rufina, Scopeti, and some other towns stopping in Dicomano for a cafe and pastry.  

There, I suggested a back road over toward the base of the climb to the Croci a Vetta, which of course Leif knew, and agreed to ride.  We all enjoyed this road, as it is tiny, a good surface with little traffic, and really beautiful.  Both Leif and Chris are stronger than I, but they kept the pace at a very comfortable range.  On the climb, I told them to go ahead, but I made around 2/3 of the climb in the big ring, which is good for me.  I continued up the steeper part of the climb in the small ring, and they only had to wait maybe 5 minutes at the top.  We descended through Fiesole, San Domenico, then Leif split off and Chris and I continued through Piazza della Cure, then I went home.  Really fun ride and day, although I am a little tired.  The summary is 66.2 miles in 4:21 rolling time for an average of 15.2 mph with 4250 vertical feet climbed at and average (sun affected) temperature of 58.  Check the garmin link for more information.  Ciao.

The beautiful back road from Dicomano to Vicchio.

Leif and Chris on the same road behind me.  I took
the picture over my head and it turned out - surprise.

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