Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday morning with the team and the return of David Ponti.

I will be gone next weekend, so I decided to ride with the team both days this weekend.  David, one of the teams strongest members and one of the most consistent participants had been out for 8 months or so, after being hit by a car while riding.  Several witness, including police, verified that the car was totally in the wrong, but he still had surgery and a long recovery.  We met at Illiopesca then rode out the normal route to Lastra a Signa, then to Montelupo.  David was quite strong, in particular between Lastra and Montelupo, but turned around there with the remaining 5 of us continuing on a nice tour.

We climbed out of Montelupo, then enjoyed the road over to Samontanna, eventually turning left on the road to Ortimino.  Both are very nice, quiet roads, particularly on a Sunday morning in August.  Most Italians are at the sea (mare) or leaving on vacation soon.  Emily and I will spend a week in Sardegna with Kate and the kids starting on Wednesday.  Anyway, the traffic is 1/4 of what it normally would be now and will get to be even less over the next week or so.  Just before Ortimino, you start to climb, and it felt great today.  At Ortimino, you join the gradually climbing ridge road to Montespertoli with views both directions as you ride.  Another spectacular road.  Arriving in Montespertoli, we searched for an found a water fountain and eventually refilled bottles, etc.  The fountain was a little tempermental and it took a little coaxing to make it work.

From Montespertoli, we descended to Bacciano, then climbed to Montagnana.  Luigi led the way up this climb, and that was good to see, as he usually is slow on the climbs.  We descended to Cerbia, then started the climb to Chiesa Nuova.  I started slow, thinking it would be nice to keep the group together, and Rebecca's energy was flagging.  After a little bit, I was gapping the rest of the crew, so I started enjoying a real push of energy to see how fast I could climb.  In a couple of minutes, Moreno joined me, and we basically raced the remainder of the climb and finished right next to each other.  It was fun. We stopped for the whole water routine, waited for the rest of the team, and then returned to Firenze via Scandicci.  Another great ride with the team here in Toscana.  Ciao.

Ride summary:  50.3 miles in 3:19 for an average speed of 15.2 mph with 2140 vertical feet of climbing at an average temperature of 80.

Sunday morning with the team and David's return after injury (8 months) by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

The team ahead of me riding into the sun on the valley road before the climb to Ortimino.

One of the views to the South from the ridge climb from Ortimino to Montespertoli.

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