Monday, September 16, 2013

Nice ride in the Chianti hills with Larry Morgan.

I had a really nice morning showing Larry Morgan around some of the Chianti hills on a fun ride.  We met at the bike shop where he rented a bike, and where Lia gave him my name and number to set up guiding services.  Thanks, Lia.  He was set up pretty quickly on the bike, and we were off and riding before 9:30.  Larry wanted to be back before 1 when the shop closes for lunch, so I had some timing to consider.  I am super compulsive about time, and was proud to have us back at the shop at 12:58.  Nice.

We rode out by Piazzale Michaelangelo, and he was strong and fine riding hills.  I had a couple of different rides in mind, and checked with him regarding small, steeper roads versus more travelled less steep roads.  He was into the small roads, so I adjusted to the ride we took.  We went up to Poggio Imperiale, then over to Cinque Vie to the start of the climb through Vacciano to San Gersole.  This is pretty steep in places, but he had no problems, and although I did modify my pace a little, I only really dropped him a couple of times.  He rides with a group in Maine where he lives, and has actively been riding road bikes for over 40 years.

From San Gersole, we hooked into the remainder of the climb to Impruneta, and stopped for a quick cafe there.  I am really liking the bar I have been going to recently there.  We descended from Impruneta toward Ferrone, then were on the main road for a couple hundred meters and turned off to climb through Luiano.   Great climb, and he was all over it - strong and happy.  At the top we hooked up with the main road around Mercatale then quickly turned off for the descent, then climb to Montefiridolfi.  We stopped in the town square and got some water and I just wanted to show him the square as I really like this spot.

We rode along the ridge, enjoying the views to Bibbione, then descended down the switchbacks to the main road, turning right and soon starting the climb to San Casciano.  We knocked out the climb pretty well, although his climbing was tiring a little by now.  However, he was quickly recovered, and totally stayed with me on a fast traverse through Spedellato and Chiesa Nuova.  We descended the switchbacks to Galluzzo, and then took the fast way home straight to Porta Romana.  We were closer on time than I thought we would be, but on schedule none the less.  Great ride, Larry.  I enjoyed the riding and conversation.  Ride summary is:  42.2 miles in 3:39 rolling time for an average speed of 11.6 mph with 3205 vertical feet of climbing at an average temperature of 70.  Ciao.

Excellent client ride with Larry Morgan in the Chianti hills by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Riding past the olive groves on the way to Vacciano.

Larry on the last part of the climb above Vacciano.

Here is Larry starting the climb to Montefiridolfi.  Che Bella!

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