Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sweet September ride.

After a few errands, etc., I was off for a relatively quick ride, as I have some things I have to accomplish this afternoon.  Out around 11:30, I wanted to work out a ride with two particular climbs, and figured a course to include them and a couple more.  I started with one of my back ways to San Domenico, then down through Maiano to Chiesa San Martino, to start the climb through Vincigliata.  As always, a great climb, and during the climb I was really noticing the difference in the weather.  It has really cooled off, which is nice.  At the junction above Vincigliata, I turned right to go over through Montebeni, then descend to Compiobbi.  This is really quite a descent.  A pretty decent road, and lots of switchbacks, and pretty darn steep.  Hang on and keep it under control.

I hooked up with the main road for around 4 kilometers, then turned off in Sieci, got some water at the town square, then made my way over to the climb to Molino de Vento, the first of my desired climbs of the day.  It was really nice.  It winds up one side of a valley full of vineyards.  The vines are really green with lots of rain last night, and the grapes are looking heavy, a pretty dark purple, and I would think close to ready to harvest.  There are a few areas where they are working on the road, and I had to wipe the tires a few times to keep them clean and preserved.  At the windmill, I took the super fun descent into Rufina, where I got more water.  The climb from Rufina to Diacetto was the second of my intended climbs today, and again, I just love this climb.  Pretty mellow, around 400 meters of vertical, and almost no traffic.  The road is a little sketchy in many places, but climbing is fine on a relatively rough road.

In Diacetto, I crossed the main road and descended to Pelago, where a cafe and pizza break was in order.  They are getting close to knowing me at the bar I go to there, and the Senora was welcoming and recognized me.  After a break, I rode a short climb, then descended from Pelago to the main road, then finished the descent to Pontesieve.  A big truck slowed the last 1/4 of the descent as I caught a group of cars following the truck.  From Pontesieve, as always, it is simply head down and power it on home.  Today there was a head wind, but that did not hurt too much.  Another day, another great ride.  The summary:  42 miles in 3:17 rolling time for an average speed of 12.8 mph with 4022 vertical feet climbed at an average temperature of 81.  Ciao.

4 climbs, 4 descents to the North and East by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

The vineyards are this green and full of grapes looking
ready for harvest.  This is the valley I climbed up along
side on the way from Sieci to Molino de Vento.

A couple of really nice views from the climb to Diacetto from Rufina.
One of my favorite climbs.  

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