Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nice ride in the Mugello with Todd and Melisa.

Today was day one of five with Todd and Melisa, from Denver.  We had some trouble communicating getting everything set up, but they were super nice clients and strong riders.  Their luggage was lost yesterday afternoon and last night, but showed up this morning.  I met them at their hotel, the Four Seasons, at 10:30 after they let me know the luggage was on it's way.  They changed while I had a cafe, then we walked to the apartment.  We got both bikes set up, and were on our way.  We went out through Piazza della Cure, then up the back way #1 to San Domenico, joining the World Championship course to Fiesole.  We continued climbing through Fiesole and enjoyed the super mellow climb to Croce alla Vetta.  We cut over / up to Bivigliano, and re-filled water.

From Bivigliano, it was over, then down the super fun descent to Vaglia.  This descent caught their attention, as it is pretty steep and super curvy / switchbacky.  We powered down through San Piero a Sieve to Scarperia turning off on the small, fun road to San Agata and Galliano.  I stopped in San Agata at my normal spot, and for the first time, they were closed.  Yikes!  We continued over to Galliano, and found a good spot for cafe and panini.  It was good to find a new place.  Back on the main road for a few kilometers, then the turn off for Bosco ai Frati and San Piero.  What a beautiful road on a perfect day.

From San Piero a Sieve on a main road toward Borgo San Lorenzo, then up the fun climb to Croce alla Vetta.  Around 1/2 the way up the climb Melisa's back started bothering her, but some extra stops for stretching seemed to make it work.  We will have to see how it goes tomorrow.  Another stretch at the top, then the fun descent on mostly new pavement through Caldine and Pian de Mugnone back to Cure.  Back by the apartment and on the Viales back to the hotel.  Melisa's back was better after we started descending, so that was good.  Good ride today and we meet tomorrow at 9:30 - nice, civilized time.  Ciao.

Todd and Melisa, day 1 - Giro de Mugello by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Getting started climbing to Fiesole.

Riding into Bivigliano.

Todd and Melisa on the beautiful road between Bosco ai Frati 
and San Piero a Sieve.

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