Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cold, cloudy quick ride, I needed it!

Well, it was supposed to be clear this morning, but I awoke to fog.  Emily was returning from the States, and her flight into Florence, was cancelled, then the next flight was eventually sent to Bologna, then she was bussed to Firenze.  Sorry for the traveling hastles, Emily, but it is nice to have you home.  Between both of our visits to my Mother, we have additional home help set up and hospice has started their services.  Emily is the greatest to help so much with all of this, I don't know if I could do it without her.  Thank You my dear wife.

After Italian classes, I regrouped at home, then went to buy some wine from our Vino Sfuso store, and picked up some flowers for Emily on the way home.  She was home around 10 minutes after me, so the last part was not as slow as we thought.  I helped her unpack a little, then offered a lunch out, but she wanted to relax and catch up with her unpacking and maybe a little sleep.  So, I went on a relatively quick ride, one of my standard short rides.  It is getting a little cold, so I am working with the clothes, I would say relatively successfully.  I rode the back way to San Domenico, up the Fiesole road to the Maiano turn-off, descended past Maiano to the Chiesa San Martino, then did the fabulous climb through Vincigliata to the road that takes you back toward Fiesole.  At the top, I added my gore-tex rain coat, which also keeps wind out.  It was just the right thing and the descent was relatively toasty.  I rode back through Fiesole, turning off to descend through Pian de Mugnone, then back home on Via Faentina.  Sweet ride.  Click the link for all the details, but the summary is:  14.4 miles in 1:21 rolling time, for an average speed of 10.6 mph (slow), with 2500 vertical feet of climbing.  Yipee!

Cold, cloudy quick ride, I needed it! by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Here are a couple of shots of the ride on the road toward Maiano.
As cold as it looks - average temperature riding less than 47 Fahrenheit.

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