Friday, December 14, 2012

School's done for now, weather iffy, but out for some climbing

I had a slow start this morning, and ended up watching a documentary about a ski company in Denver that a good friend's son works for.  Really cool movie and I highly recommend it.  It is about Icelantic Skis, and I assume facebook users can finding by searching for Icelantic.  I checked the weather, and it was pretty dark, but last nights precipitation was drying up, and the satellite pictures showed more on the way, so I took for up Via Bolognese.  It was surprisingly warm, at least compared to what it has been recently, around 48, and I had lots of energy on the climb.  I felt like I flew up to Pratolino, where the snow line really asserted itself.

As a side note, the Garmin link is not as accurate as normal, as I spaced out starting the timer when I started my ride and only recalled when it repeatedly beeped at me a few kilometers into the ride.  I took the road to climb above Pratolino, planning on cutting off for Casselina and Vigliano, but by the time I got to that road, there was a fair amount of snow on the sides of the road, and the planned road is secondary at best, so I decided to just continue up to connect with the road over to L'Olmo, and descend home on Via Faentina.  I was super careful on the way down, especially at the top, as there were a few places on the road up where the road was iced up pretty good.  Below L'Olmo, it dried up, and by Caldine, it was mostly dry, although it started to snow lightly then.  I love riding in the light that is quite dark due to the low clouds, and today was perfect for this.  It seems a little spooky and fun to me.  It is pretty bright back in Firenze, but it certainly seemed that the storm I encountered on the ride should be on its way here.

Check the link for the details, but a summary (with additions for the time not recorded estimated) is:  18 miles with 1850 vertical, in around 1:20 rolling time for an average speed of 13.5 or so.  It always makes me happy to ride, I just love the riding here.  Ciao!

School's done for now, weather iffy, but out for some climbing. by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Just above Pratolino, the snow started making itself felt.

Time for plan B, as this tertiary road could be dangerous - Pericoloso!

The clouds are moving in on the way over toward L'Olmo from the top of the climb.

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