Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ups and downs close to home - Snow line around 1200 vertical above home

It was a really beautiful day today, but I checked the temperature around 1/2 hour before I would have to be on the bike to ride with the team today, and it was 34 - too cold for me.  We have an annual meeting and dinner to follow on Thursday night, and I will ask about leaving later, as it was around 45 two hours later, which is fine for riding.  I had a big American breakfast, which I love, then a bit later, Emily and I went into town to check out some Christmas fairs.  The fair at the Pallazzo Corsini was pretty good, and it allow us a rare glimpse of the pallazzo itself.  We then went by the fair at Piazza Republica, which was basically a food fair, then we went to a store where Emily knew she wanted some Christmas stuff.  I know there is a better word than stuff, but it seems appropriate to me now.  I left her then to go by another fair, and walked home to suit up to ride.

It seemed quite warm in the sun, but in the shade, it was a different story.  I think I am getting the kit set for this weather, and was quite comfortable riding.  I picked riding up Via Bolognese, a hill which I know has mostly south exposure, and it was quite nice.  I could see to the east that the hills above Fiesole had snow, so I was pretty sure that it would be snowy above Montorsoli on Via Bolognese.  I took the turn off to Cercina, and did catch some snow and slightly icy roads by Cercina, which increased as I crested the top of the road at the church above Cercina.  I took the route to the right, and asked a rider coming up from that direction, who said that it was only patchy snow and ice, and it was fine for riding.  Good to know, and I cautiously enjoyed the descent to the Carriege area, where I turned to climb a different road back to the church above Cercina.  I was pretty sure this road had a mostly southern exposure, and it was a great climb.  I went back through Cercina, then took the right turn to go through Canonica de Cercina, then down the steep descent to the back roads above Carriege.

I went through Carriege, then took the turn off for the back way toward Via Bolognese, but turned off to catch Piazza Giorgini, then back to the apartment a way that has a couple of routes under the railroad tracks, with little to no traffic.  Click the link for all the information, but the summary is:  2520 vertical climbing in 21.2 miles in a rolling time of 1:57 for an average of 10,8 mph at an average temperature of 47 or so.  Always fun to be on the bike, and I will be doing more exploring close to home as the snow line descends.  Ciao!

Ups and downs close to home - Snow line around 1200 vertical above home by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

In the distance you can see the snow line above Fiesole, which
is just to the right of the picture.  The photo below is a close up of the same spot.

Looking back toward the church above Cercina with a little evidence
of the occasional icy / snowy conditions.

From the same location, you can see the snow in the shaded places.
It is quite a contrast to the bright green that still exists here.

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