Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Here are the pictures from today's earlier post.  I am not sure why they would not load normally, I tried a few different formats.  When I checked the stats after posting the description for today, I thought I could find a place where it might tell me what was wrong.  I could not find that, but thought I would just try a new post, and voila, it worked.  Also, Hooray! I made it over 1000 hits on the blog since my last post and am at 1007.  Thanks, readers.  

Above Fiesole - the first time, I climbed above the fog, which you can see here, with the taller hills in the background.

A couple of shots of the road climbing above Vincigliata. 
 I love the light and the feeling riding through here.  

Another shot of the foggy road.

Not the best picture, but Viola is the one looking at me and singing.
Just so full of energy and cute.

Viola and her Papa, Nicco, after the concert.  Que bella.

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