Sunday, December 16, 2012

First time out with the team in a few weeks - super fun!

The weather was quite a bit warmer, and it was predicted to be clearing, so finally, a weekend ride with the team worked out.  We met at Tavernuzze, around 10k from the apartment, then rode up the Greve river valley to Greve, then climbed to Panzano and returned by basically the same route.  Great weather - for the first time in a while I only had my base layer, a jersey (long sleeved) and a very light vest, and it was perfect.  I even took off the balaclava and used a skull cap.  Still had the gloves on though.

We really booked out to Greve, and I stayed with everyone for almost all, but around 5 k from Greve I just could not continue to hold on.  Everyone slowed soon anyway, so all worked out.  It is really fun to be worked, and for a part of the way out, we caught a group of 2 or 3 other teams, and all cranked out in a good sized (around 40) gruppo.  We were only 6, and we lost 2/3 of the people at the turn to San Casciano.  It is a gas for me to be a part of this, as it is really a big part of the Italian culture, and it just gets my juices flowing.  Fun.  At Panzano, Alessandro showed me a famous butcher and his associated restaurant.  I am not sure when or how, but we must try it.  Perhaps a group would like the ride and we could have lunch there, then return.  We shall see.

Not from today, but from June 30 on a similar ride.  Both 
pictures are on the climb from Greve to Panzano.  Que bella!

The climb to Panzano is really nice, what I would call user friendly.  No steeper than 7% (guessing), but relatively long with a fair amount of vertical.  The descent was fun, but everyone was taking it easy, as the roads were wet and perhaps slippery.  The snow line must be much higher there than north of our place, as I saw no evidence of snow anywhere.  After returning to Greve, we started back to town, and one of the group, the youngest, who is around 30, was beat.  We had to wait and return to find him a couple of times.  Oh well, it happens to all of us sometimes, and it is good to be with a group that will double back and find him.  As the old man of the group, I would be lying if I did not admit that having the youngest be "destroyed" felt a little good for the ego.  Check out the link for all the details, but the summary is:  50 miles in 3:24 rolling time, for an average of 14.7, with 2280 vertical feet climbed.

First time out with the team in a few weeks - super fun! by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

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