Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ride con Squadra - Cold, foggy, sunny and nice.

I had a really fun, adventurous ride this morning.  I met the team (squadra) around 5 k from the apartment.  It was relatively cold, around 35 and quite foggy.  I thought the reflective strips on my clothing would be enough, but I plan to get a little flashing red light I can attach to the bike so I can be seen from behind.  Several of the other riders had them and they worked well.  We were a surprisingly large group of 9, big for the weather.  We set off toward Lastra a Signa, but the visibility was not good, around 50 meters at most, and the fog was thick enough to almost qualify as mist.  I had to wipe my sunglasses often to attempt to see.  Somewhere along the way, we ended up on a route that I did not know, and with the fog, I was just going with the flow.  We started a climb, and I thought I knew the climb, and as we progressed, I did.  We were climbing from Lastra to Malmantine and by the top of the climb, we came out of the fog, which was only in the Arno valley.

It was suddenly sunny and quite nice, the temps around 45 with really crystal clear skies, and super views.  Sorry, no pictures, as it was a ride con squadra, sensa camera.  We descended into Ginestra Fiorentina, then took the little back road I sometimes ride toward Montagnana, then rode up the ridge road to San Pancrazio.  Stunning views with perfect skies.  From San Pancrazio, we descended to Ponterotto at Le Lame.  We climbed up to San Casciano, using the user friendly route, which I will always use now, then from San Casciano, we went across through Spedalletto, Chiesa Nuova, then turned down to Scandicci.  We took a route over toward our meeting place, then ended up a Allesandro's garage in town for a small festa (party).  A bottle of Prosecco, some Panatone, some chocolates, and 5 of us remaining, enjoying the day and the company.  What fun to be a part of the cycling culture here.  Sono molto contento.  (I am very content)

(I have to use my Italian a little or it totally goes away)  Check the link for the details, but the summary is:  44 miles in 3:12 rolling time for an average speed of 13.7 mph, with 2300 vertical feet of climbing at an average temperature of 44, which includes the effect of the sun on the Garmin Edge 500.  Ciao!  Aguri!  (Bye, holiday wishes)

Ride con Squadra - Cold, foggy, sunny and nice. by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

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