Saturday, December 8, 2012

Too cold for a ride, so a nice long walk instead.

Well, it was only around 34 degrees when I was leaving, so I decided on a walk.  I can walk up some of the roads I take riding and although I don't go far up them, they all link and can become a nice walk. I walked through the 4 close parks today - The one across the street - L'Ortologico, then one centered around an old palazzo, then one dedicated to the person who founded the boy scouts, then through the gardens at the Stibbert Museum.  From the Stibbert gardens, I hook up on a tiny street - see the photo - and walk up to Via Bolognese, but I almost immediately turn off it to another tiny road that goes up and down then really descends back toward Piazza Giorgini.  Here I can turn back to go home, but today, I went down to the Fortezza, then through the city center, ending up at Kate's where Emily was babysitting so Kate and Nicco could do some errands.

They returned home, then Emily and I took Kate's car to IKEA, to buy some christmas stuff - fake tree (my first), some inexpensive ornaments, etc.  It was totally packed, and as always an interesting cultural experience.  I guess my Italian is getting better, as I can now communicate and am not intimidated by the rapid fire responses to questions.  We returned home, and will return the car to Kate's tonight on the way to a holiday party at a mutual friend's house.  Wow - Emily and I with a social committment in Firenze.  Actually we have a few coming up, so we must be settling in.  Hopefully a ride with the team in the morning, but we will see about the temperature when I get up.  Ciao.

I just love this dragon sculpture in the park next to our house.  
It is also a water feature - really cool!

The tiny road above the Stibbert Museum.  Fun walking.

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