Sunday, May 19, 2013

Climbing, training close to home. My first ever KOM!

I was planning on taking the day off today, as the weather was predicted to be bad.  It started true to the prediction, but by around 10, it was definitely clearing.  I got a surprise request for a tour on Friday, and thought I ought to be training and climbing to be ready for Firenze / Modena in two weeks.  So, off for a ride with lots of climbing in a short distance.  I started out through Piazza della Cure, then up the first back road to San Domenico.  For the first time ever, and I assume the last, I got King of the Mountain honors on Strava.  I watch it for personal bests and comparative times often now, and it is fun. but on most climbs, I am just scraping the bottom of the top third of the riders.  Well, I was very surprised when I downloaded to Strava and I had a KOM.  Not too many people ride up this hill, but I am still pretty stoked and proud.

From San Domenico, up toward Fiesole, then cut off down through Maiano, to Chiesa San Martino, then up the beautiful and pretty steep climb through Vincigliata.  At the road junction above Vincigliata, off to the right to cut over / down to the steep and thrilling descent to Compiobbi.  Lots of switchbacks and new pavement on the last third.  At Compiobbi, left on the main road for a kilometer or so, then turn off at Le Falle, and start the Monteloro climb.  Great climb as always, and although I thought with lots of effort expended yesterday, I wouldn't push it, I still recorded a personal best.  I continued climbing past Monteloro, to the junction with the road above Fiesole, then turned right and continued up toward L'Olmo.  I continued across / up to the junction with the Pratolino road where I turned left and descended into Pratolino.

I decided to take the back way over toward Monte Morello, and continued up that climb.  After a few kilometers, I took the steep, very back way down to the church above Cercina.  I had climbed this road once before, and this was my first descent here.  It was fun, but really quite steep.  At the junction with the road at the church, I took the first option down to Serpiole, then cut over the back way up around to above the Carriege complex.  Down from there, and I planned on the back way toward Via Bolognese, but the road has temporarily changed one way directions, with the construction on Via Bolognese, so I took the main way back toward Piazza Leopoldo, then home the way I normally return from grocery shopping.  Super fun ride in great, although windy, weather.  The summary is:  31.2 miles in 2:34 for an average speed of 12.1 mph with 3940 vertical feet of climbing at a sun affected temperature of 70.  I love being here and riding!

Close in climbing - Vincigliata, Monteloro, Pratolino by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Views and the road at the start of the Monteloro climb.

Loved the tree and view beyond at the start of the Monteloro climb.

The view from the gentle climb from L'Olmo to the 
Pratolino turn off.

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