Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pratolino, Casellina, Vaglia, Faltona, Croci alla Vetta, L'Olmo, home.

I met with my daughter today to discuss a new business we are probably going to move forward on, finding Au Pairs / Nannies for people here.  Anyway, I had to be home by 12:30, and figured I had 3 hours max to ride.  I did a little bike maintenance, suited up, and headed out by around 9:45.  I did the ride I planned, but had not done this route before, so I pushed it.  Unfortunately I forgot to start the garmin computer and lost around 2 kilometers and around 70 vertical meters of climbing on the analysis.  I do have the descent number, and I rounded up the distance, so no problem.

I rode up Via Bolognese through Pian de San Bartolo, Montorsoli, and turned off in Pratolino.  I continued climbing from Pratolino over the the road through Casellina and Viliano to the western edge of Bivigliano.  I rode over and down to Vaglia.  I had taken Roger on this route a couple of weeks ago, and thought the descent into Vaglia was a blast.  Again today, it was super.  I counted the switchbacks today and came up with 18 - sweet!  I also really like the back road through Casellina and Villiano.  At Vaglia, I rode through town and connected with the main route toward San Piero a Pieve, and turned off after around 8 k to connect with the road that crosses over to the base of the climb of the Croci alla Vetta.  I got a phone call from Kate right after I started the climb, and I think the stop for a few minutes kept it from being a personal best on the climb.

It is a great climb, and for the first time ever, I rode the whole climb in the big ring.  I was pretty excited about this, as I had a steady head wind as well.  From the top of the pass, I rode down Via Faentina to Piazza della Cure, then over the railroad tracks and home.  Fun, fast ride.  I am really getting into and actually enjoying pushing my pace, in particular on the climbs.  Who knows when I will reach the point where it is not fun to push myself, but I will see.  The summary is:  35 miles in 2:11 for and average speed of 15.4 mph with 3215 vertical feet of climbing at an average (always sun affected) temperature of 75.

Fun, fast 2 plus hour ride - Pratolino, Vaglia, Croci alla Vetta by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

My picture here is not great, but the stonework and shape
of this building caught my eye when I stopped for more
water at a new location in Casellina.

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