Thursday, May 9, 2013

Giro de Mugello plus the Fiesole climb with Chris, Ray, and Leif

Chris organized a small group ride this morning, and we met at Le Due Route, and decided on a "Giro de Mugello".  We went out the main road to Pontesieve, but at Pontesieve we altered the normal course, and went over the old bridge to what I call "the Pope's road", which Chris has just discovered.  I had never ridden it in this direction, and it was fun.  We re-joined the main road in Rufina, and powered out to Dicomano, where we stopped for a pastry and cafe.  Nice break, good pastry, and excellent cafe machiato.  From Dicomano, we went over another old bridge and took the back road on the south side of the Sieve over to the connection with the main road outside of Borgo San Lorenzo.

This was a great stretch of road, and was very fun riding with a small group in a good pace line.  We turned to climb the Croce alla Vetta, and I have been riding and feeling strong lately, and decided to go for a personal best.  I like the Strava feature that lets you see how you compare with other days on the same ride.  I will never be high enough overall to make a dent, but I can see how I ride that particular day.  Anyway, Chris. Leif, and I stayed in a good line, taking turns until just before Polcanto, when Chris, then Leif pulled away.  I worked it pretty hard and kept Leif in sight the whole way up.  And yes, when checking on Strava, it was a personal best by a couple of minutes.

At the top we re-grouped and waited for Ray, then descended down to Pian de Mugnone.  Chis wanted to climb there to Fiesole, as we believe that this is the Giro course on Sunday.  Ray continued down Via Faentina, and Chris, Leif, and I climbed up to Fiesole.  Nice climb and fun to discuss how the pros would be riding it in a few days.  From Fiesole, Chris and I descended together, then Chris traced the remaining route for the Giro finish, and I rode home.  Great ride.  The summary is:  54 miles in 3:12 for an average speed of 16.8 mph with 2930 vertical feet climbed at a sun affected average temperature of 72.

Giro de Mugello with Chris, Ray, and Leif - plus Fiesole by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

I dropped back from the pace line to take a couple of photos
on the back road from Dicomano toward Vicchio.

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