Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fun, quick training ride with lots of climbing.

I caught up with lots of stuff this morning, confirming a Friday tour, and hopefully setting up two more in June.  We met Kate and Torrio by the apartment and had a cafe and pastry before going to Viola's "dress rehearsal" of her end of the year singing show, the "saggio".  Viola is going to the USA with Kate, Vittorio, and Emily in a week, and this was our only chance to see this.  It is nice that the school let it happen this way.  It is really fun and a privilege to be able to watch something like this.  I will admit, it usually moves me close to tears as I watch.  After watching the Saggio, I did some errands - dinner tonight (alone as Emily is out with the girls), a couple of new tubes, and a few CO2 canisters for the modern method of pumping up a tire on the road.  Actually, I was not successful using the canister on the new pump yesterday, but re-read the directions, and I believe I now have it down on how to use it.  I am certainly glad I bought a pump that works for both the canisters and a hand pump.

I left from the apartment and rode directly up to Monte Scenario from here.  It is a pretty direct climb with only a few spots that are flat or slightly descending.  I am taking the training for the Firenze / Modena event a week from Sunday pretty seriously, and thought this climb would be better than a day off.  I pushed it pretty hard and had personal bests on a few of the climbs.  It is a really beautiful climb with wonderful roads, and I can make it into a reasonable loop.  I climb up through Pian de San Barolo, Montorsoli, Pratolino (water), and then directly up to Monte Scenario.  It is a really beautiful spot up there, and a true pleasure to have it so close by.

On the descent, you have to retrace a little of the climb, then can turn it into a loop by riding through Bivigliano, then over toward L'Olmo, and then I took the road above Fiesole back through Fiesole, turning off to descend to Pian de Mugnone, then through Piazza della Cure and home.  A great, fun ride.  Quick summary is:  26.1 miles in 1:52 rolling time for an average speed of 14 mph with 2695 vertical feet climbed at a sun effected temperature of 74.  I love it here!

Monte Scenario training ride by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Some great views on the climb to Montescenario - beautiful day.

Close to the same location, slightly different view.

At the top - my "arty" shot with the beautiful cross and 
the beautiful bike below, with a beautiful panorama in the background.

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