Sunday, May 26, 2013

Start with the team, but due to problems, off on my own for a wonderful tour.

I started early this morning, and rode to the meeting place with the team for today's raduno, which seemed like a nice course.  As we left the meeting place, I tried to change gears and nothing happened. I tried again, and saw the battery light flashing - dead battery.  I told the ragazzi I had to return, and went home.  I charged the battery, then set off on a solo ride.  I really have to figure out when to recharge and how often.  I know there is a "beep" when the battery is getting low, but when riding at speed, I don't really hear the "beep".  I think I will try a regular schedule of charging in the future.  I am riding a lot these days, so I think I will try every two plus weeks.

I decided to do a tour I have started a number of times in the last couple of weeks, but not completed due to weather.  I rode out the Cascine, then the back roads to Signa, then Lastra a Signa.  I got on the main road to Montelupo that winds along next to the Arno.  I enjoyed this, and passed a number of riders.  I thought a couple would stay with me, but no one did.  In Montelupo, I navigated through town and got on the road to Sammontana, then rode through there, then Villanuova, Pozzole, then found my way to the Monterappoli road.  I had only ridden this once with the team, I think in December, and was working on memory.  I found it, and climbed to Monterappoli, a pleasure to ride.  The roads from Pozzole through Monterappoli to Sant Andrea, where you hook up with a main road are wonderful to ride on.  How lucky I am.

From Sant Andrea, where I made my way through a wedding on a tiny road by a church, I took the main road to Castelfiorentino, then turned off to climb through Ortimino, then up and along the ridge to Montespertoli.  Another fantastic ridge road, climbing hard at times, but mostly a gentle grade with wonderful views off both sides.  From Montespertoli I descended to Bacciano, then went out the valley road and found a new road for me to Lucignano.  It was quite steep, but had almost no traffic, and was quite beautiful to ride.  I hooked up with the San Pancrazio road at the top and was in San Pancrazio in no time.  I refilled my water, then descended to Ponte rotto, where I had a nice cafe and pastry.  I then climbed / descended / climbed pretty hard to San Casciano, then rode over to Spedelletto, then descended by the Machiavelli house to the main road at Tavernuzze.  I took this to Galluzzo, then hooked up with the Cinque Vie road, then the Viales back home.  Great ride, great day.  Summary is:  71.8 miles in 4:47 rolling time for an average speed of 15.0 with 3565 vertical feet of climbing at a nice sun effected average temperature of 68.

Team, then solo - Montelupo, Castelfiorentino, San Casciano by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Starting the climb to Monterappoli.

The view to the east from the ridge before Monterappoli.

The view from the ridge between Castelfiorentino and Ortimio.

Loved this vineyard on the only flat section on the 
difficult climb to Lucignano.

On the climb to Lucignano, the views were spectacular.

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