Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Super client ride with Marita!

Depending on how you look at it, one of the fun things about doing these tours is starting the day without really knowing how it is going to turn out.  Marita, whom I took out today, told me via email that she would be using tennis shoes, and did not have cycling specific shoes.  To me, that meant that she was not that into cycling.  But she had also written that she rode around 10,000 kilometers last year, which is a fair amount.  Well, she turned out to be pretty strong, in particular on the climbs, so the 10,000 k was a better indicator.  We started off toward Fiesole, via Le Cure and San Domenico.  We continued up to Fiesole, and I did not try to drop her, but rode pretty fast, and she totally stayed with me.  We stopped in Fiesole for an espresso, and kept climbing.  I was already figuring out a plan B, as she was obviously stronger that I had expected.  We climbed up the road above Fiesole to the turn off for Molin de Piano, just below Croce alla Vetta.

We stopped at the top of the climb, took some pictures, and headed off on the descent.  Something new happened for me on the descent, as I hit a rock with my front tire while going what I consider quite fast, and the bike started to shimmy.  I hung on, and controlled the shimmy, and got it back under control.  Soon thereafter, I heard the hiss of a tire losing air pressure.  I stopped to change the tube, and flagged down Marita.  It was probably good the flat happened, as I only really became aware of my adreneline level after I stopped.  The whole incident really got me going.  I changed the tube and we continued our descent, turning off on the contouring / up / down road through Santa Brigida, Fornello, and Doccia.  I gradually calmed down, and we stopped a couple times for pictures.  Marita was really into taking pictures.  We did not stop to do it that often, but when we did, she would work at it for 5 or 10 minutes.

No problem, as the whole point of the tour is for the client to have fun.  We stopped at the windmill, and I offered some options.  We descended to Rufina, as she went for the longer option.  We then climbed to Diacetto, one of my favorite climbs, and again, I was not really trying to drop her, but I went pretty fast up the hill.  She totally stayed with me, and I thought she may want more climbing.  We descended from Diacetto into Pelago, and stopped for a second espresso and a panini.  When giving her the option of Monteloro on the way back, she opted for the main road instead.  We rode down through Pontesieve, Sieci, and back into town.  Great tour and great riding Marita.  Thanks for "riding with Cosimo"  Quick summary is:  44.6 miles in 3:43 riding time for an average speed of 12 mph with 4095 vertical feet climbed at an average temperature of 66.  Great day!

Great ride with Marita - Santa Brigida, Rufina, Diacetto, Pelago by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Marita with the first real descent in the background, at
"Alberaccio" near Croce alla Vetta.

Marita on one of the descending parts of the road
from Santa Brigida to the Molino de Vento.

A closer shot of the same spot as she went by.

At the Molino de Vento, she was totally into taking
pictures, so I thought this was an appropriate photo.

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