Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nice recovery ride in the Chianti hills.

Rain is forecast for tomorrow, so I wanted to get out for a reasonable ride today, even if I should have been recovering from yesterday.  I accomplished a couple of things first in town, both notable for me.  I actually managed to invite some Italians who are kind of Kate's extended in law family for dinner using the phone.  Basically, my Italian is pretty challenged, and doing it on the phone is always an adventure, so I was happy to get it done.  I also went by the shop, and the new free wheel hub is in, but I cannot get it installed until Monday, but I now have an appointment.  This means that the "horrible" noise the free wheel has been making will be gone by Tuesday - Hooray!

I decided to ride to the south, and enjoyed the close in hills in the Chianti region.  I rode out by going up to Poggio Imperiale, then down to Galluzzo, then up the main road toward Impruneta, but turned off to descend through Baruffi toward Tavernuzze.  I haven't ridden either of these pieces in a while, so it was fun to be back on these roads.  I rode out the main road through Tavernuzze and Falciani to the turn off for Luiano.  I enjoyed this climb, as I always do, and today, the fall colors in the vineyards were particularly amazing.  I also am in the midst of adjusting my handelbar height and half way up, I adjusted to what may be the right height.  I am trying to eliminate a neck pain that has been developing as I ride lately.  Luckily, it goes away pretty fast, and does not keep me from riding, but getting the right height should help.  I think I will look for information on line on how to calculate the "right" height versus the seat post.

At the top of the Luiano climb there were many, many cars parked and it must be high season for mushroom hunting, as they do that in this spot.  I think they are after porcini mushrooms.  Last year I noticed this and asked, and was told porcini mushrooms.  Above Luiano, I hooked up with the road to San Casciano, and enjoyed the fast climb / descent / cruise over through Chiesa Nuova to start the descent into Galluzzo.  I decided to return by way of Cinque Vie, then powered home on the Viales.  Great ride.  39.2 miles in 2:43 rolling time for an average speed of 14.4 mph with 2546 vertical feet climbed at an average temperature of 62.

Poggio Imperiale, Impruneta, Tavernuzze, Luiano, San Casciano, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Perfect fall colors in the vineyards around Monteoriolo.

A little break before the descent through Baruffi led
to this picture of the road and the vineyards.

The fall colors are still beautiful on the climb to Luiano.

The vineyards with some of the Chianti hills in the background.

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