Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday morning with the team, riding away from the rain, successfully.

Up pretty early this morning, and off to meet for a team ride.  We had a pretty good showing of 8 of us, as it is a holiday, and set off for the planned route to San Baronto.  As we were riding out of Lastra on the way to Montelupo, it started to sprinkle, and other teams were riding back toward us yelling, piove or rain.  We decided to turn, and returned to Lastra, then climbed over the little pass to Ginestra.  A couple of people returned home after the turn around, so we were down to 6.  Like a couple of weeks ago, the group was very strong, and it was good for me to do what I could to keep up.  We started toward Cerbia from Ginestra, then changed to take the road to Bacciano, then climbed to Montagnana.  We lost another couple at this point, then descended to Cerbia, then climbed quickly to Chiesa Nuova.  I was quite surprised to have a Personal Best time on this climb, as for around 1/2 the climb I was simply trying to keep up, and at the end not succeeding.

In Cerbia, we turned right and headed over to San Casciano, continuing with the fast pace we were riding all morning.  In San Casciano, we lost another, then we rode over to the turn off to Luiano, and enjoyed the descent to the main road.  Here the 4 of us regrouped, and 3 of us decided to climb to Impruneta, which is a good, relatively steep climb.  From Impruneta, we headed back toward Firenze, then two of us branched off to finish the ride through Cinque Vie.  Another fun ride with the team.  When we are a small, strong, fast group, it really pushes me, which is fun and I think very good for me.  Thanks, Ragazzi!  53.6 miles in 3:15 rolling time for an average speed of 16.5 mph with 2900 vertical feet of climbing at an average temperature of 66.

Sabado con Squadra - riding away from the rain. by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Riding toward San Casciano, leaving Chiesa Nuova.

A little vineyard color and the remains of the team in front of me.

I came around a corner, and the vineyards were going off.  Spectacular.

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