Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sabado mattina con squadra.

I had an interesting team ride this morning.  We started at 10, which is quite late for the team, but one person had suggested starting later to let it warm up, and this was trying it out.  I liked it, as I was able to do a relaxed breakfast, help around the house a little, and still be early.  We started with 6, and the person who suggested the late start, Alessandro Celoan was not there.  Another person, Luca, had suggested a route that was proposed, but he was not there either, so the people who were there discussed alternates as no one seemed to want to do the proposed route.  I did not catch all the rapid fire Italian discussion, but figured I would just follow and go with the flow, which is fine with me.  We started going to Lastra a Signa, then to Montelupo.  By the time we got to the turn for Montelupo, we were down to 3, and I suggested we wait at the turn.  Apparently, part of the discussion was that the other 3 were turning back after Lastra, so, we were down to 3.

Daniele was discussing with Andrea, a new rider with the team, the remaining route.  I said I was fine with anything.  I kept hearing Strada, Cerbia, San Casciano, and was wondering how we would get to all the above.  We rode up to valley to Cerbia, a totally straight forward route.  I did have a flat on the way, but it was repaired in 5 minutes or so, and it was our only break of the day.  In Cerbia, we rode directly to San Casciano, a road I very rarely ride, as the climb is quite steep in many places.  It was Andrea's suggestion, but he had a hard time with the climb and Daniele and I dropped him quickly.  Daniele had never ridden this road, but he is young, super strong, and a very good cyclist.  We got back together as the road flattened out as you approach San Casciano.

From San Casciano, we descended to Falciani, then went up the valley to Ferrone, climbing to Strada.  We dropped Andrea again, this time more emphatically, and again regrouped at the top.  Andrea did not really understand the route he suggested, but all was fine.  He was saying he needed to train more to keep up.  We powered back through Grassina, I said goodbye, A Prossimo, Ragazzi, and rode home through Cinque Vie.  Overall, I really enjoyed the ride and the morning.  One of the fun things about riding with the team is you never really know what will happen until you go.  48.0 miles in 3:01 rolling time for an average speed of 15.9 mph with 2034 vertical feet of climbing at an average temperature of 50.  Check out the garmin link for the steepness of the Cerbia / San Casciano climb.

Lastra, Montelupo, Cerbia, San Casciano, Strada, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Daniele ahead as we approach San Casciano.

Daniele on one of the short less steep parts during the steep climb.

Finishing the climb to San Casciano, with the steep part over.

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