Monday, November 25, 2013

Recovery ride with lots of climbing.

After an interesting week with my new Italian classes last week, this morning we finally really got into the swing of things with what should be a normal schedule.  I am at the bottom of the class in ability to speak and understand Italian quickly, but I can get enough that it feels like it will work well for me.  After all, one of the things I need to do better is to understand what people are talking about when they speak quickly.  Class is over at 11, and I walked home from there.  It had rained while I was in class which was a surprise, as the forecast was for only a 20% chance today.  I had a cafe and pastry on the way home, then checked a couple of internet committments, then suited up for a short but cold ride.  The temperature outside was only around 46, which is relatively cold for riding.  Yesterday was sort of hard and long-ish, so I wanted a short ride today.  I chose a ride that climbs to get me warm.  The classroom today did not have working heat, so a little chill was setting in by the time I finished class.

I rode over to Le Cure, then took option #2 up to San Domenico.  Option #1 has had road work going on, and I was going to check it today but forgot.  Perhaps next time I will try option #1.  After San Domenico, I continue climbing to the turn off to descend through Maiano to the start of the Vincigliata climb.  The roads were wet, so I kept the speed very under control.  Also, when it is cold, my body is simply tighter which does not make for the best reaction times on descents.  That is my excuse anyway.  I enjoyed the climb through Vincigliata as always, and was stronger than I thought I would be.  There was certainly no issue about being cold, as the work of a steep climb always works for warmth.  I took the road to the left at the top and finished the climbing just above the road to Fiesole.  Nice descent to Fiesole then down to Pian de Mugnone, finishing with Via Faentina to Le Cure, then home.  Another great time on the bike.  13.9 miles in 1:13 rolling time for a slow average speed of 11.4 mph with 1657 vertical feet of climbing at a sun effected temperature of 54.

Vincigliata, Fiesole, Pian de Mugnone, Firenze - quickie by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

One of the many options riding up to San Domenico from Le Cure.

A tight, walled road that descends from Maiano to the start 
of the climb to Vincigliata.

The beautiful cypress trees lining to road climbing to Vincigliata.

Just above the castle at Vincigliata, you come upon this small church.

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