Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rainy, windy ride to the Southeast.

I started my new Italian classes yesterday, and when I got home, it was rainy, so I did not get out yesterday.  There was also some confusion at the school, and I was mistakenly put in level 7 when I thought I belonged in level 3.  After the class, the teacher said I should be in level 4 and that she would talk with the head of the school before this morning.  When I arrived, all was set, and I had my first day in level 4.  It seems fine, and the way the school works, they do a test the first week, which is basically on what we will cover in the next 4-1/2 weeks.  Not sure I like the test piece, but they are the experts, and I just need to get better with the language, so I go with the flow.  The school is quite reasonably priced, and is the same school I used last winter.

It rained while I was in class, but when I got home, it almost looked like it might clear.  Knowing myself, I decided to get out regardless of the weather, and took off with threatening skies overhead.  I headed out toward Bagno a Ripoli, then over to Pone a Ema to take the back road to Osteria Nuova.  I really like this route there and it has become my standard when going this way.  I hooked up with the main road then finished the climb to San Donato in Collina, then enjoyed the descent to the Arno valley.  I turned off on the road on the west side of the Arno, and stayed with it to the little road that goes up though Santa Maria to Bombone.  I had not climbed this in quite a while, and it was really fun. Riding here, you have to enjoy the climbs and look forward to them, rather than simply tolerate them.

From Bombone, which my team mates tell me is slang here for a "splief", I rode over through Volognana the descended to Rosano.  Somewhere after San Donato, it really started raining, but I stayed with it, and the rain stopped after 15 minutes or so.  The roads were very wet, so I was quite cautious with my speed on the descent to Rosano.  After Rosano, I stayed on the South side of the Arno, coming back into Firenze by way of Bagno a Ripoli, Gavinana, then back home powering on the main road.  After I joined the Arno valley again in Rosano, I encountered a head wind which beat me up a little on the return push.  Oh well.  39.3 miles in 2:55 rolling time for an average speed of 13.4 mph with 2559 vertical feet of climbing at an average temperature of 55.  Rain, wind, cool temperatures and all, I still really enjoyed getting out.

San Donato in Collina, Le Valli, Santa Maria, Bombone, Rosano, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Around Burchio, the road and countryside is beautiful.

When I saw this glimpse of blue sky, I decided it was time
for a picture or two if I was going to take any.  

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