Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another day, another ride - today in the Chianti hills.

Another day of class, followed by some errands, allowed me a few hours to get in a ride.  When it is below 50 or so, it is sometimes hard to summon the energy to get going.  I am always happy I do, though.  Today, I had a tiny hangover, as someone had to finish all the wine ordered at dinner last night.  Some very extended family (Kate's brother-in-laws parents) took us and Nicco's parents out to dinner at a nice restaurant, which was fun.  They basically took the menus and asked if we liked truffles.  Of course, we all said yes, and what followed was a truffle fest.  Wow, what a nice way to enjoy the season of the white truffle.  Tonight, Nicco invited us over to dinner, to say thank you for all the babysitting we do, and again, we are having truffles.  When he invited us, he said he bought a reasonable sized truffle and wanted to share it with us to say thank you.  Well, two nights in a row is fine with me, as it will probably be another year before I am privileged to have more.

Anyway, off for a ride.  I took the new normal way over to Ponte a Ema, then over to the Vacciano climb, then enjoyed the climb through Vacciano, San Gersole, Mezzomonte, to Monteoriolo.  A little descent follow by a small climb puts you in Impruneta, then a little descent followed by more climbing takes you to Strada.  I decided on the way out to take the climb from the road toward San Polo up and over to Capanuccia.  I had not ridden this piece of road for a while, and it was quite fun.  Just after Capanuccia, there is a road over to Antella, which I have ridden the other direction many times, but never from Capanuccia.  It was super nice, and at the top, I turned off to take a road I have never been on before to Grassina.  Again, lots of fun, and really nice to be on something totally new.  From Grassina, quickly over to Cinque Vie, then home after the connecting climbs and descents to the Viales at Piazza Ferucci.  28.0 miles in 2:04 rolling time for an average speed of 13.5 mph with 2162 vertical feet climbed at an average (sun effected) temperature of 52.

Vacciano, Impruneta, Strada, Capanuccia, Antella, Grassina, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Beautiful day!  Starting the climb toward Capanuccia.

Nearing the top of the little, but steep climb from the San Polo
road to Capanuccia.

Climbing toward Antella from Capanuccia.

The new piece of road.  Beautiful little road and i love the cypress 
trees providing an end to the visual of the road.

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