Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Chianti self imposed time trial.

An interesting ride portion of the day today.  I had planned a relatively long ride, reviewed old rides for timing and decided I could get to Regello and Tosi in a reasonable time, returning by 4.  Just as I was leaving the building, I received a phone call from Kate.  She was asking for a favor, and the timing was such that I needed to return by 2:30 to 2:45, so I said no, which she was fine with.  As I rode toward Bagno a Ripoli, I gave it some thought, then stopped and gave her a call, deciding I would do the favor for her.  I decided on a route that I was pretty sure would get me back in time.

I was already on my way to Ponte a Ema, so I continued over to Grassina, and climbed to Strada in Chianti.  This is a route I often use returning to town, so I have descended it probably 30 times in the last couple of years, maybe more.  I had never climbed it, and I tried it today.  Well, it was really fun.  It is quite user friendly, and I really pushed it on the way up.  As I checked the clock, it appeared that I was calling it quite close to be where I said I would be when I said.  I started to push my pace and continued to push the pace all the way.  From Strada, I descended to Ferrone, then down the main road to the climb to Luiano.  Always a great climb, road, and fun when pushing the pace.

At Mercatale, I turned toward San Casciano, and checking the clock, decided to descend from San Casciano to Falciani, which I thought would get me back the fastest way.  I am not sure after riding it if it is faster than going through Chiesa Nuova and Galuzzo.  Anyway, I enjoyed the descent, although I took all the descents pretty slow, as the cool temperatures and humidity is leaving roads pretty slick in the shade.  At Falciani, I again checked the time and knew I needed to push pretty hard through Tavernuzze to Galuzzo and into Firenze at Porta Romana.  I was at Porta Romana 5 minutes after I thought, and as I always give things a cushion, I was pretty happy with my timing.  I called Kate while riding and said I would pick up the package to drop at Viola's school in 5 minutes.

Bottom line, I sort of time trialed the ride today and really enjoyed the push.  It was also fun to estimate time on the fly and actually make it work.  I was home earlier than my plan, but the temperatures were already cooling off fast.  The garmin temperature information includes the effect of the sun, and it was sunny most of the ride.  The morning fog in Florence burned off around 11:00.  33.6 miles in 2:11 rolling time for an average speed of 15.4 mph with 1808 vertical feet of climbing at an average temperature of 54.  Fun push today.

Grassina, Strada, Ferrone, Luiano, San Casciano, Falciani, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

A nice view to the east from the climb toward Strada from Grassina.
I had never done this climb before, and it is fun, user friendly, and fast.

Nice view to the northeast from the ridge riding toward Strada.

Looking back at Impruneta from just below Luiano.  The 
vineyards are bare of leaves, but still pretty.

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