Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Perfect early December ride in the Chianti hills.

No ride yesterday, as we had our grandchildren over, Viola and Vittorio.  Preparation for the visit after my Italian classes, then a fun but energy filled night and morning with the kids.  They are a definite handful, but also so wonderful and full of life.  It is one of life's great pleasures to spend this type of time with them.  That said, it totally wears me out, and Emily (Nini) is the one who does most of the work and has the definite touch with them when problems arise, which simply happens.

After class today, Emily and Vittorio were still at the house and we watched some versions of "the pirate king" from Pirates of Penzance on the computer, then had sword fights while Emily gathered all the stuff to take back to their house where Kate was meeting them.  As soon as they left, I got my act together to get out, as it was as warm as it has been in quite a while, and with no ride yesterday, it was time for me to get out.  I did not get started until after 1, so it could not be too long.  I went out toward Bagno a Ripoli, then turned to Ponte a Ema, then hooked up with the climb to Vacciano.  I  had thought about using this connection to get to the Vacciano climb, and it works very well.  It was warm enough that on the Vacciano climb I took off the balaclava and enjoyed some air to the dome.  After hooking up with the Impruneta road and finishing the climb in Impruneta, the balaclava was back on and needed.

Nice little descent into the valley where the main road to Greve is, then a quick turn to climb through Luiano to the San Casciano road above.  It was just so nice today that the climb seemingly went with no effort.  I returned through San Casciano, Spedeletto, Chiesa Nuova, then the descent to Galluzzo.  I took the back way around Galluzzo, then climbed to Poggio Imperiale and cruised in on Viale Michaelangelo.  The light on the city as I finished the ride into the city was amazing.  I thought of stopping for a picture, but thought I would keep it as an image in my mind.  Super fun ride.  33.2 miles 2:25 rolling time for an average speed of 13.7 mph with 2375 vertical feet climbed at a sweet average temperature of 57.

Vacciano, Impruneta, Luiano, San Casciano, Galluzzo, Poggio Imperiale, Home by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Emily with Vittorio and Viola, all intently watching a video last
night when the kids spent the night with us.  

Looking back at Pian de Guiliari with the Abetone snow capped
 mountains in the background from Vacciano.

What a beautiful day and road, on the way to Luiano.

Looking back down the valley just climbed, a little
above Luiano.  I love the shadow of me taking the photo.

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