Sunday, July 27, 2014

2 rides after returning to Firenze.

Yesterday, after a day of traveling to return from the Dolomites, I was up and ready for a whole day tour for Dominick's company.  Two families who grew up a couple houses away from Dom, along with his Swiss lawyer made up the group.  We had some pretty young kids, which took attention, but everyone did great.  We rode the short remainder up to Croce alle Vetta, then descended toward Borgo San Lorenzo, then over on the nice route to Dicomano.  I really expected to have at least 1/2 the group in the vans by the time we reached Dicomano, but everyone hung in there and actually got faster and stronger as we continued riding.  In particular, Sophia, one of the twins, who is 9, had a bike that was too big for her, but the smallest bike we had.  Many people were telling her what to do, but eventually we got going, and I rode with her, and gradually by changing the subject to school, friends, etc., got her to relax, and before you knew it she had a huge smile on her face and probably had as much fun as anyone on the tour.

When we reached Dicomano, we had an enormous BBQ at Dominick's in-laws house with his wife Laura and their daughter Emma, whose birthday was being celebrated.  A wonderful, huge meal, and a fun, but long day.  Lots of presents, fun with Nonna Anna and Nonno Luigi, Laura's parents, and fun with the Jersey crew that Dom grew up with.  Great tour and fun day.  Thanks to all.

Melli families to Dicomano with Dom, Leif, and Rebecca by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

The whole gang ready to start just outside the "Casa de Proscuitto"
Big group of two families, Dominick, his lawyer and three guides.

A quick action shot of the group I was caring for on the descent from
Vetta alle Croce.  8 year old twins made this a little difficult, but they
did great and it ended up being quite fun.

I skipped the team ride this morning, as the day we traveled from Ortesei to return to Firenze, we literally had 20 minutes at the apartment before we left for a party for a friend of Emily's who was returning to the US after 3 years here.  So, home from that after midnight, then the whole day tour with Dom and crew yesterday - left here at 8:30 and was not home until 7:30 at night - and I did not really have the energy to get up at 5 to do yoga, etc., before meeting for the team ride.  I did a few errands, then suited up and was off for a nice, relaxed solo ride.  I went out through Badia a Ripoli, then Ponte a Ema, taking Via Carota up to Osteria Nuova.  I pushed the pace, with a tailwind most of the way to San Donato and had a personal record.

Excellent descent with a couple of hill climbs and I was in Incisa filling up my water from a new purified fountain there.  Over to Figline, then the super nice climb toward Passo de Sugame, but I turned off above Dudda to enjoy the route through La Panca, one of my favorites.  Back home the direct way through Strada, Ponte a Ema, and home.  Nice 3 hour crank, and nice to be home.  Sorry I missed the team ride, but it worked well for me today.  Ciao.

Carota, San Donato, Figline, La Panca, Strada, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

View through the trees on some hillside vineyards on the last 
part of the climb to La Panca.

A beautiful sculpture and flowering tree in the park in La Panca
where I get water at a fountain just out of the frame to the right.

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