Friday, July 11, 2014

Time at the beach, and a client tour Friday.

Hopefully, and interesting post today.  I am starting with a quick recap of the last 3 days in Forte dei Marmi, spending time with Kate and the kids at the beach.  We even had Nicco there the first night for a nice dinner, but he was back to Firenze for work on Tuesday morning.  We took the train up to Pietrasanta on Monday afternoon, then spent 3 nights and 3 days there.  Kate worked on Tuesday and Thursday, so we had babysitting duty all day both days.  Although it takes lots of energy to keep up with and do what you can to get them to "behave", it was a super fun 3 days.  We had some pretty wild weather, which made going to the beach fun with some bigger waves and a different scene than when it is sunny and warm.  Both kids were into running in the waves and having fun when the sea was a little wild.  Great to do this with grandchildren.  It really brings back memories of raising Kate and Ben and our adventures to the ocean.    

Viola, "painting" a tree at the front door.

Torrio, hard at work painting one of the house walls.

It's quite a scene at Bagno Giovanni, with the annual
kid's lunch just getting started, in Forte dei Marmi.

Anyway, back home late - around 10 pm - Thursday night, and I had a client tour this morning (Friday).  I was up by 7, glad that it was not a really early meeting time, and met the clients for Dominick's meet and greet service.  Dom's company transfers luggage, tools, pump, etc. to a couple of hotels as the clients do a self guided tour to each spot, then do a day or two in each location.  I meet them at the shop, help with bike rentals and set up, go over their routes, then guide them out of the city and up to Impruneta, where we have a cafe, then they are on their own.  Today, it went well, and the clients were nice and easy to deal with, along with being attentive riders.  I think they need this attitude and awareness to do the self guided tour, so it is kind of fun.  We basically went out of town via Piazzale Michaelangelo, then up to Poggio Imperiale, down to Galluzzo, then up to Impruneta.

I dropped them there after a cafe, then had to get back to get the route information for the same service that I will do on Sunday.  This was a late reservation, and after the tour today was the only time available to pick up the client's packet, which I give to them when we meet.  Fun tour with Josh and Jennifer today.  Have a great ride in Chianti!

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Jennifer and Josh coming into Pozzolatico.

On the way up, just past Pozzolatico.

Jennifer and Joshua finishing the climb coming into Monteoriolo.

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