Friday, July 18, 2014

A couple of rides and some beach time.

I had a nice ride today, as I did not have that much to catch up on before our trip to the Dolomiti tomorrow.  After a couple of days off, and with some serious riding awaiting in Ortesei, I decided on a fairly easy route, which was good, as the heat is back now.  Average temperature for the ride of 97 farenheit.  Yikes!  Out through the Cascine, then out the Signa, then Lastra a Signa, up the little pass, then down to Ginestra.  Water in Ginestra, both in the bottle and on my head.  From Ginestra it is a little ways up the valley to the turn to go to Montagnana on the tiny, fun road.  From Montagnana, today I headed on up the ridge to San Pancrazio (more water), then descended to Ponterotto.  Up to San Casciano, more water, then home through Chiesanuova and Scandicci.  Great ride and I am totally up for the riding in the Dolomiti.  

Just past the little pass between Lastra a Signa and Ginestra
this view shows the countryside and perhaps how hot it is now.

A view of the beautiful countryside on the road toward
Montagnana from Ginestra.

I had a wonderful 3 days with Emily, Kate for one day and the nights, and the grandchildren starting Tuesday late afternoon.  It is working out quite well this year for us to go up there for a few days with 2 days of babysitting.  Playing with Viola and Torrio in the sea is really fun, and very much reminds me of when I did the same kind of play with Kate and Ben.  Somehow, I don't really feel all that different.  I guess that is simply the nature of time passing.

On Tuesday I snuck a quick ride in close to home, a favorite short ride.  As always, a beautiful ride with a fair amount of climbing, that is the nature of the beast here.  No pictures, but here is the link for the ride.

Pian de San Bartolo, Cercina, Careggi, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

A picture of the beach at Bagno Giovanni, where Kate, Nicco, and Nicco's brother and sister's
families also spend their beach time.  Nicco came here as a child as well.  Very different for
a Colorado boy, but it is really quite nice.  

Looking up the beach toward Pietra Santa from the tenda.

Ninni and Torrio playing on the entry steps to the apartment
Kate and Nicco are renting for the month.  Good fun and a needed
break from the beach in the middle of the day.

While Ninni and Torrio were playing on the steps, Viola had 
a doll, and was doing some imaginative play at the gate to the 
apartment from the street.

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