Thursday, July 31, 2014

Giro de Mugello with the Marcoiano climb.

Back in the saddle after a few days doing the beach / babysitting thing.  Nice time at the beach, even if it was a little rainy / cool.  We have had a cool and slightly rainy summer so far, which is fine with me, as the normal heat is more difficult for me than a little rain.  Anyway, home yesterday around 5 or so after helping Kate pack the place they rented for July in the two cars, getting everything back to their apartment in Florence, and finally getting home.  The month was great for I think all of us with Emily and I babysitting two days a week and staying 3 days there.  We were able to be a great help and get some real beach time in, which is Emily's favorite place.  With more time there and more trips, I am even getting used to the "Bagno" scene at the beach and starting to appreciate it, even if it is quite different than what I am used to in the US.

Mark S is visiting from San Francisco for a couple of months, and we rode a few days together last summer, but had not been able to hook up this trip.  He had commented a couple of times on Strava posts that he would like to do a tour in the mugello, over to Firenzuola, so I wrote and suggested today to see if it would work out.  I had spoken to Leif about it when we did the tour for Dominick last Saturday, so we were set for today.  Neither Leif nor Mark wanted to do the whole tour, so we did the San Agata tour instead.  I mentioned there was a particularly difficult climb we could add and Mark S was very into it.  So, we added the Marcoiano climb, which is always a challenge for me.  The garmin shows it at over 30 % in the steepest place, so it is some work.

We all made the climb, but Leif was a little beat up by it.  We returned to Florence by way of the Bosco Ai Frati road, one of my favorites, and stopped in San Piero for a couple of bananas for Leif, which got him back in a good place.  The climb to Pratolino was fine, and we cruised back into town on Via Bolognese.  Mark S is a very strong rider, and pulled us in to Vaglia quite well.  We may hook up again next week, but we shall see.  Good to be back on the bike in Firenze again.  Ciao.

Fiesole, San Agata, Marcoiano, Bosco Ai Frati, Vaglia, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

I only took a couple of pictures today, both of Leif and Mark ahead
of me on the super pretty little road just past Bosco Ai Frati.  
Great tour today, guys.

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