Monday, July 14, 2014

Close in Mugello hills after a morning rain storm.

It was raining pretty hard this morning and Lorenzo sent me and SMS to say, no ride today, rain.  Good call.  I did one of the errands I needed to do, then the skies were clearing and the roads drying out.  I finished a book I have been reading and the roads were dry.  I decided to get out for a ride for a few hours and went north of town trying not to repeat too much.  I pretty much succeeded, and had a great ride.  There are so many options here, one can usually put together a ride that is not a repeat of something in the last few weeks.  Great place to ride.

I climbed Via Faentina to Olmo, then to the turn off for Bivigliano.  Here you continue climbing, but it becomes more gradual as you get closer to Bivigliano.  A little descent, then a turn off for a tiny road over to Polcanto.  This is mostly downhill, but there are a few steep climbs and you end up climbing around 130 meters on the route to Polcanto.  From Polcanto, it is up to Vetta Ai Croci, then I went to the Monteloro turn off, took it and before the town of Monteloro, I turned off to climb Montefanna from the back, the easier side.  A great descent toward Fiesole, but I turned off to ride through Vincigliata on the way home.  Really sweet ride on a pretty perfect afternoon to get out.  Ciao.

Faentina, Bivigliano, Polcanto, Monteloro, Montefanna, Vincigliata, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

A lovely avenue of trees welcomes you to Bivigliano.

What a beautiful little road just after Bivigliano before the 
turn off for Polcanto.

The view toward the mountains with Passo Giogo and Passo
della Futa on the way to Polcanto.

This cool abandoned villa / monastery? is on the tiny road 
between Bivigliano and Polcanto.  Che bella!

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