Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Great day to ride Pinone, Limite, Cerbia.

I have a tour tomorrow morning, and after that Emily and I are off to Forte dei Marmi for a couple of days at the beach.  We will be doing three days a week there for most of July.  If I have work, I will put off a day, but otherwise, it will be beach time.  So, no breaks from riding for now, and I did a nice 3 plus hour ride today, one of my favorites.  I like to mix up directions that I ride and keep it fresh.  Although it is one of my favorites, it has been around 3 weeks since I rode this.  We have a lot of variety in rides available here, which is nice.  (As the Lama would say)

I set out through the Cascine then out the back way to Signa, picking up a couple of riders to Signa after Donnini.  They did not go toward Carmignano, so I was on my own after that.  Great climb to Carmignano and Pinone.  The weather was very nice today, a high of probably around 84, so not too hot.  I stopped in Pinone for a cafe and dessert.  I have come to realize the pastry chef at the little restaurant / bar up there is quite good.  Loved the piece of cake I had today.  Next is the sweet descent to Limite, then a reasonable push into Montelupo for the second water stop of the day.  From Montelupo it is up a very gradual valley to Cerbia, then the climb to Chiesanuova.

On the climb, I passed a young racer and either his father or coach.  I passed them pretty quickly on the gradual climb, and thought I would not see them again.  On the steep part of the climb, toward the end, the young racer, I would guess 12, came by me standing the entire steep part.  I pretty much stayed with him and we shared some water at the fountain at the top.  Fun to see young racers enjoing and pushing the riding here occasionally.  That is how so many Italians become great pros.  I finished the ride by descending the switchbacks into Galluzzo, then over through Cinque Vie back to the Viales and home.  Excellent ride.

Signa, Pinone, Limite, Cerbia, Chiesanuova, Cinque Vie, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

A villa on the hill on the way to Comeana.

In the Ombrone river valley.

The restaurant / bar at Pinone.  I pretty much always stop for
a cafe and dolce.  Today it was excellent.

The road between Montelupo and Cerbia was particularly 
beautiful today.

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