Sunday, July 13, 2014

Impruneta, Strada meet and greet with the Walmboldts.

I did another meet and greet this morning for Dominick, which turned into the morning plus some.  It is a fun service to provide, as the clients by definition are doing some self guiding after I leave them.  So, they are typically relatively prepared, and reasonable cyclists.  Today, I met a couple from Canada, Reg and Leah.  They are off on a 3 day self guided tour, and I helped them at the shop with the bikes, some basic information, then guided them to Impruneta.  We had a cafe in Impruneta, and discussed their options.  They choose going through Chiocchio, and I was going to ride back through San Polo, so I continued guiding them toward Chiocchio to my turn off.  They were a very nice couple, and I think will have a great trip.  I reviewed the map and directions pretty well with Leah, and I think they will be fine.

After leaving them, I rode pretty hard to San Polo, then up and over the little pass to Cappanuccia, then through Grassina to Cinque Vie and back home on the viales.  All in all, a nice ride and a nice morning.  Meeting Lorenzo tomorrow morning to scout a possible new route for our raduno next spring, then off to the beach on Tuesday.  Ciao.

Walmboldt meet and greet - Impruneta, San Polo, Grassina, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Reg, slowly but surely tackles the hill to Impruneta.

Leah, arriving at a good waiting location to wait for Reg.

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