Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Chianti hills with Randy, plus Fiesole with some guys from the shop.

Nice ride today.  The husband of a friend of Emily's is here for 7 months or so, and I did one day with him last Friday, then we discussed the possibility of doing 4 days together as guide and client, as I was guiding him whenever we went out.  We will go a different direction each day which will give him a good basis to expand his riding on his own.  I assume we will continue to ride together occasionally after the guiding, but this way, I don't feel like I am giving away my services, even if it is off season.  Richard strongly suggested to me that I try not to give away routes or services, as it was all worth something, and if I want to do it as a business, I should not do things gratis.  This is my compromise, and Randy, the client / future friend, is fine with the approach.

We did my standard Chianti day today, and did 3/4 of the whole day, only leaving out San Pancrazio. Randy is a good rider, but is working to get back into shape, but he is still pretty strong.  We had a nice ride, and it was great to be out in the sun after 4 days of clouds and rain.  Colorado boys are pretty spoiled regarding sunshine.  Great cafe in Impruneta, and yesterday's sfoglia con crema at Cafe Liberta is a consistent taste treat.  Very slightly crunchy on the outside, excellent pastry in every bite, and when you hit it just right, the creme filling is slightly warm.  Wow, just writing that made me want to go get one.  Ciao a tutti.  Good weather predicted for the next week or so, so I will be riding.

Looking back to Impruneta from the climb through Luiano.

What a gorgeous day.  Here Randy is climbing toward Luiano.

Here comes Randy up the climb to Montefiridolfi.

Randy is almost at the top of the day's most difficult climb
to Montefiridolfi.  Good work!

The old walls in San Casciano, where we took our last break for
Randy to have a snack.  Beautiful day!

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