Saturday, November 15, 2014

Nice Saturday morning ride with the team.

The weather was ok this morning, so I was off to meet up with the team for a ride.  There was only 6 of us, as it was very cloudy and rain is predicted for later in the day.  We decided on an alternate tour to what was posted, based on Paolo's suggestion.  It is a tour I like, and when I said it sounded good to me, the remainder of the team announced, I would be the guide for the day.  We had a mishap just before Pontasieve, and Margherita fell as she and Agnese got a little too close and Margherita hit an oily patch and her back wheel slid out.  She was fine, a little bumped and bruised, but wanted to keep going, which I certainly thought was good to keep the muscles from stiffening up.  We stopped in Pontasieve for a cafe and allowed Margherita to regroup.  Paolo had to return to Firenze by a certain time, so he continued on the tour.  When we stopped I had no idea if I would continue solo or with people, as the weather looked bad and Margherita had just fallen.  After cafe and some pastries, everyone wanted to continue, and if rain came we would turn back to Firenze.

We enjoyed the tour quite a bit.  I was certainly the guide, and the other 4 were enthusiastic about the route.  The soft light as we rode into the fog (nebbia) was really nice and everyone appreciated it.  Also, it was cool, but not at all cold, so really quite a nice time for a tour.  As we returned, I turned off toward home away from the group and decided on a quick Fiesole loop.  Good climb and fun.  I returned before any rain, and as of 2:45, it has not yet started.  The forecast is for "heavy rain" for the next two days, so perhaps some time off is coming.  77.0 km today in 3:13 for an average speed of 23.7 kph with 935 meters climbed.  17,770 km for the year leaving 2230 to reach 20,000.  I should make it.  Hang in there weather!

Here comes the fog and the way out of Donnini.

I love the soft light in the approaching fog just above Donnini.

Margherita and Niccolo on the climb from Donnini to Tosi.

Here is the team in front of me on the final climb to Tosi.

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