Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Riding in the close in Mugello with Randy, new to the area.

I took out the husband of a friend of Emily's today, who is new to the area, but will be here for 8 months or so.  We met in Piazza Liberta, then did some climbing and descending in the hills to the north in the beginning of the Mugello area.  The weather, although grey, was really quite nice for riding, around 55 to 60 F, no wind, and almost no chance of rain.  Randy had to be back at a certain time, and he wore out a little as our day progressed, so no chance for a cafe or pastry, hence no taste treat.  Actually, I had and gave him something called a "pocket coffee".  This is a local candy with chocolate with a shot of espresso in the center.  If you can't stop for a cafe, this is the thing to have.  I keep some with me for emergencies when client's are wearing out.  Nice day today.  Some friends from Colorado in town for a couple of nights and one day, so no riding or post tomorrow.  Ciao.

A view to the West from the road above Pratolino.

The beautiful road going toward Cercina.

Fall colors on the road to the church above Cercina.

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