Friday, November 14, 2014

Welcome back to Firenze for a 3 week holiday, Jean Lu.

Sometimes it is really great when plans change.  Perhaps with the right attitude, it is always good.  Today, I checked email this morning first thing, and Jean Lu, a young man who rode with the team for around 9 months who moved to Sardinia in July, had written me he was in town and wanted to ride.  We had some communication, and ended up doing an afternoon ride.  He has taken a position of lots of responsibility in Sardinia with the Carabinieri there, and is here on holiday for a few weeks.  He also has gotten together in a romance with another team member, Rebecca, who is the real reason he is here on holiday.  Anyway, we had a very nice ride, and it was great to see him and catch up.  Rebecca is English, and Jean Lu has worked hard on his English and has improved greatly.  Good job Jean Lu.

Now, I need to try to communicate with him about handling stress, as the amazing, happy attitude he always had before his move is at least partially gone.  At this point, his English is kind of like my Italian, so this is kind of hard to communicate.  He is a young man, I think 28, and I would love to give him what I think is good advice learned from years of hard work and stress, although those days are fading from memory quickly.  Anyway, great to ride with an old friend and welcome back to Firenze, Jean Lu.  Forse siamo andare in bici con squadra domani, se non piove domani mattina. (perhaps we will ride with the team tomorrow if it does not rain in the morning)  I will call that the Italian phrase of the day.  Ciao.

A surprisingly good over the back / behind me photo of 
Jean Lu, who is visiting for a few weeks from Sardinia,
where he moved to in July.  Welcome back, Jean Lu and
thanks for a great ride today.

The river along the road to Ginestra.

A planted grove of trees as you approach Scandicci from above
are all turning yellow.

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