Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cold sette ponte ride with Jean Lu.

Nice tour with Jean Lu this morning.  I awoke to fog in Firenze, but it burned off by 8:30 or so.  The forecast was for clear skies and mild temperatures, which was probably true in Florence.  We met for our ride around 10, but as we climbed to San Donato in Collina, we entered some fog on Via Carota.  It cleared, but socked back in just after starting the descent from San Donato.  It was really quite cold, and I was very surprised to be a little cold.  Luckily I had long fingered gloves and a coat to wear, which I thought would be off after 1/2 hour of riding, but stayed with me for at least 2 hours.

We had a very nice ride, but Jean Lu wore out a little at the end.  We decided not to do the climb to Tosi, and kept a relaxed pace on the return to Firenze from San Ellero.  Great ride and fun to be out with you while you are back on here on your vacation, Jean Lu.  Perhaps tomorrow Rebecca will join us.  Italian phrase of the day occhiale sole (sunglasses) and taste treat definitely a "pocket coffee", which I keep with me for emergency energy needs.  After Sieci, we stopped for a short bathroom break for the middle aged man (me), and Jean Lu was out of gas.  I remembered my pocket coffee, and got it for him and his eyes totally lit up.  "Grazie mille, Mark - Grazie infinite, quest saro mi salute." (Thanks a lot, Mark - Infinite thanks, this will save my health)

Ciao a tutti!

After a short break in Palazzuolo, Jean Lu was really bundled up
as we got ready to continue.  It really got colder, at least for me,
after we continued from here.  

Looking back toward the valley from strada sette ponte, you 
could really see the fog in the cold valley of the Arno.

After we were above the cold and fog, Jean Lu was feeling free
as a bird on the strada sette ponte.

2 helmets, 2 cups, 2 pairs of sunglasses at the cafe / bar in Regello.

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