Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Giro de Mugello (classic route) with the team

Another good morning ride with the team today.  I think it was even cooler than yesterday, as it held true that the Mugello is one of the coldest areas around here, and we were in river valleys pretty much the whole time until with climbed Vetta alle Croce toward the end of the ride.  We started relatively slowly, but increased the pace as we headed toward Pontasieve, then kept a pretty strong pace to Dicomano.  We kind of separated due to the pace, but happily regrouped in Dicomano for a cafe.  Molto Buono cafe.  From Dicomano we continued in the valley to the climb on Via Faentina, and all morning there was intermittent fog in the valleys, which speaks to how cold it was.  I think it is time for tights, which makes for a fast transition from a week ago.

Climbing Via Faentina was excellent, as I led the group out for around 1/2 the climb, then Daniele and David took over.  Four of us stayed together, then we dropped Paolo, then Daniele and David dropped me as we rode into Mulinaccio.  I kept them in sight the remainder of the climb, which ended up giving me a personal best on the climb.  Sweet!  Another fun day and great ride.  102 kilometers in 3:30 for an average speed of 28.5 kph with 745 meters climbed.  (63 miles, 17.2 mph average, 2444 feet climbed)  Only 2907 kilometers left to make 20,000 for the year.  However, checking on the vertical feet, I need 63,000 vertical meters climbed in the next couple of months to make the 1,000,000 vertical feet goal.  As my average for the year so far is 24,200 meters climbed per month, I am guessing that the vertical feet goal will not be met, but I will get close, and will easily get 900,000.  I think it only matters to me, and it is just a fun goal to try for.  I am quite fine with what I do.  Ciao.

Behind the back over my head hot of the team getting started 
this morning riding toward Pontasieve from Firenze.

Some of the valley fog / haze ahead on the way out 
of Contea.

On the way to Vicchio the valley light fog is hanging in there
which means it is relatively cold.

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