Friday, November 21, 2014

The mugello with Jean Lu.

I met Jean Lu again this morning, and had planned around 90 kilometers into the Mugello and back.  After Fiesole, on the way to Olmo, Jean Lu asked if we could go to Monte Morello, which makes for a shorter tour.  I was ok to do this, as you never really want to push someone to do more than they want to do.  As it turns out, my energy was pretty low today as well, so it was a great suggestion.  We continue to help each other with language, with Jean Lu trying to communicate with me in English, and Me trying to communicate with him in Italiano.  My new word for the day is fango, which is Italian for mud, and mud is Jean Lu's new word.  The road to Monte Morello is closed due significant road damage in one place, and I was trying to tell Jean we could easily walk around it, but there would be  little mud.  I had it all except mud in my vocabulary.  I also finally have the phrase for wet road or strada bagnata.  I had thought it was strada bagna, but the bagnata makes more sense, making the phrase say bathed road instead of road bath.  Good cafe at the bar in Pratolino around 2/3 the way through today's ride.

Later this afternoon and tonight, Emily and I are taking care of the grandchildren for the night and tomorrow until late afternoon, so no riding tomorrow.  Todays ride was 51.8 km (31.0 miles) in 2:44 for an average speed of 18.7 kph (11/7 mph) with 884 meters of climbing (2900 feet).  After today's ride, only 1956 k for my goal of 20,000 k this year.  Ciao.

Even on a cold, grey day, the landscape is really beautiful.
This is looking Southwest from the contouring road to

A pretty good, over the head, behind me photo of Jean Lu
on the way to Bivigliano.

Jean Lu, excited to be at the top of the climb at
Monte Morello.

I was trying to show the many ridges in the distance in this 
photo, but it did not really come through.

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