Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday morning team ride with a few twists.

We had a pretty good sized group when we met this morning at Illiopesca for the Saturday team ride. Lorenzo had asked for ideas for today's ride, and I was the only person who sent one in, so my suggestion was the planned route.  However, as pretty much happens on most team rides, people start out together, and some want to do a different route, and the numbers change as the morning progresses.  We started with 10, but were down to 8 at Pinone, where we stopped for a cafe and to regroup.  I felt quite strong on this climb, and pushed it pretty good for me, alas, a Strava personal best.  We all descended to Limite through Castra, which was my suggested route.  As we regrouped outside of Montelupo, we discussed the remainder of the ride.  It appeared to be me, solo to finish the route we planned, with the other 7 for various reasons choosing a shorter route back.  Fine by me, it was fun to ride with a group for 2/3 of the ride, and nice to go my own way for the finish.

Around 1/3 the way to Montespertoli, a group of three passed me quite fast, but with a little effort I caught back up with them, then a 5th joined in - the 5th was part of the group that passed me, but they had dropped him.  We all rode together to Montespertoli, which was quite fun.  They turned the other direction in Montespertoli, so I was solo again.  Nice descent, then climb, then descent, then another climb to Chiesa Nuova.  After Chiesa Nuova, Luca Durazzi, a team member, who was riding with 3 friends caught me on the way to Scandicci, and again, I dug in and stayed with them.  We were together most the way through Scandicci, when everyone went their own way home.  Great day and great ride.  It is kind of nice that I am getting to know enough people and am strong enough to stay with some fast guys to have some competitive company on a ride these days.  Ciao!

Such a beautiful road, even on a grey day on the initial climb
from Montelupo on the way to Montespertoli though Bottinacio.

After leaving the team, who all wanted to do something shorter 
than I, these 4 passed me on the fun, but difficult stretch between
Montelupo and Montespertoli.  I dug in and stayed with them 
for this part of the ride.  They turned a different 
direction in Montespertoli.

The color on this hillside caught my eye on the climb
to Montagnana.  I even stopped for the picture and zoomed in.

The fall colors were pretty nice on the climb to Chiesanuova.

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